Metaverse or Mindtrap

Inner Shift, Outer Shock

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Escaping Reality or Unlocking Potential?

The Metaverse: a New Frontier, Not an Escape

While some have warned the Metaverse could be an escape from reality and others hoped it would be, the author argues it actually represents not an escape but a mechanism for transcending our perception of "reality" in order to exceed what we previously thought was possible. He explores how the metaverse could transform collaboration, creativity, and society by democratizing opportunity through thoughtful design.

Computing Innovations for Empowering Experiences

Delving into innovations in social computing, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and neuroergonomics, the book reveals how these research areas can create more empowering and intuitive experiences when guided by human values. It investigates strategies for building ethical, inclusive metaverse platforms that foster connection, understanding, and collective advancement. It also explains how the industry is incentivized to highjack and monetize attention and what could be done to change this state of affairs.

Designing an Ethical Metaverse That Connects and Includes

This book makes bold predictions about the metaverse's untapped potential for enhancing the quality of life in the real world. Additionally, it indicates the Metaverse’s probable future as a main arena for employing, developing, and advancing AI agents for the benefit of humanity. Looking beyond theoretical possibilities, the author highlights some of his own exploratory experiments that point to plausible futures.

Exploring Plausible Metaverse Futures Through Experiments

Both philosophical and technical, this visionary guide has been crafted for professionals across industries, academics, independent researchers, virtual world architects and change makers alike. It provides an essential overview of the breakthrough possibilities on the horizon. This synthesis gives rise to a framework for conscientious metaverse development focused squarely on elevating human potential.

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Sarah Bindrup M.S.,CCC-SLP: I loved every chapter. The author has great insight and leading questions and answers. It's honestly made me think more deeply and accepting of the Metaverse. I enjoyed the visuals. I appreciate the way the author wrote it as it encouraged me to think along with him. And not being told it's one thing vs another. It's more of a conversation with the author and in my head as I'm reading.

Bilawal Sidhud Creator & Ex-Google PM (3D Maps & AR/VR): The breadth of topics is certainly intriguing.

Barbara Cunningham Barbara J. Cunningham, DA, MBA Senior Grant Project Coordinator: With all the content you've created, from your work with the Elks in Boise to your current projects, it's clear you speak with authority. Your effort to incorporate cognitive science and cognitive psychology (neuroergonomics) into your designs could become a blueprint for innovation. Reading about it made me very happy! I appreciate the concept of crafting products that enhance user health, satisfaction, and autonomy.

Ramez Khoury MD: A detailed and insightful exploration of a word frequently heard but rarely understood, the Metaverse, while scrutinizing each aspect with an intelligent and scientific methodology.

Ann Von Rhein MA Romanic Languages, English and International Law: The Metaverse's potential to assist humanity is succinctly elucidated by a friend who is a brave pioneer in the field. This book offers a thoughtful examination of social media and the Internet as utilized in contemporary times. I appreciated the swift yet comprehensive guided tour through the development of the Internet and its various applications. It serves as an excellent overview for those who find themselves bewildered in this information jungle. With so much scattered data, those lacking a background can easily lose their way. This book effectively addresses that challenge.